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Tips and Tricks

Tip 1:Free WMA to MP3 Converter can convert not only Windows Media Audio (*.wma) files, but also Windows Media Video (*.wmv;*.asf) files to MP3.

Tip 2:The ID3 of MP3 is derived from the source file automatically. You can also edit the ID3 as you like while adding or editing task.

Tip 3:You can add more than one source files at one time.

Tip 4:Source files (*.wma; *.wmv; *.asf) can be dragged from Windows Explorer directly. Even more, you can drag multiple files at one time.

Tip 5:While viewing converting settings in the information panel, you can click the file link to open the source file or play the output MP3 file.

Tip 6:While converting, you can click the minimize button to hide the program to System Tray. Click the icon in the System Tray can restore the program window.

Tip 7:You can search and get tons of free music clips in WMV format from Yahoo Video Search (http://video.search.yahoo.com/), all these files can be converted to MP3 files that can be played in your MP3 player.

Tip 8:You can get more cool software from http://www.jodix.com. Most of them are FREE!

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